Job Application Trick: How to Get the Interview

by | May 8, 2017

Have you ever submitted a job application, but for some reason it felt more like buying a lottery ticket? Well, that feeling is within reason. Only 2% of applicants get interviewed for a given job. But don’t fret, there’s an easy trick to help solve this dilemma. And no, it doesn’t require us to apply for more jobs — albeit we should be doing that anyways, regardless.

Anyways, that’s beside the point. We want our odds to be greater than two percent on each micro submission; playing the macro game is just a bonus.

Oh, so you have a strong resume for your job application? Nobody cares.

Don’t get me wrong, a good resume or well written cover letter are things that can only help. However, these aren’t going to make your job application stand out. Put it this way, a strong resume and/or cover letter might make your voice louder, but you’re still swimming through a sea of job seekers with similar credentials. 

Make like Moses and part that sea.

According to Workfolio, 56% of hiring managers are more impressed with a personal website than any other personal branding tool, yet only 7% of applicants have a personal website.

Voila — we’ve found the secret sauce.

Simply having a personal website will impress hiring managers, but that’s just part of why it helps land interviews. Hypothetically, let’s say your job application didn’t include a spot to link your website, or maybe the employer didn’t bother to view your website while breezing through a stack of resumes.

The second situation is more likely, and it’s pretty standard for a company’s hiring process. So yes, a resume holds some value for initial screening, but once again — it’s not going to make any of us stand out.

Get ready, it’s almost time to part that sea.

Once the screening stage is complete, then 80% of employers use Google search to audit each job candidate that made it past the screening stage. And the rest is history once shows up on the first page of Google, so what’re you waiting for? Go part that sea of job seekers and stand out!

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